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30 Interesting Holiday Promo Code Names

30 Interesting Holiday Promo Code Names

The holidays are a terrific time to attract clients with tempting offers and discounts, coupon codes might be one of the most successful ways to do this if you own an online store. However, if your coupons don’t stand out from the competitors during the holidays, they risk being overlooked.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of festive Holiday Promo Code Names that are catchy. We’ve got you covered with entertaining and unique promo codes that will be more likely to stick with your clients from Halloween to New Year’s Day.

We’ll talk about the requirement for memorable promo code names in this piece in relation to the holiday season. Then, we’ll provide you 35 discount codes to use on your online store. Let’s start now!

Why Holiday Promo Code Names Are Important

Some of the most effective marketing techniques are discounts, offers, and coupons. Because they are convenient and easy to use, discount codes are very beneficial for online shops.

However, if you distribute coupon codes as random letters and numbers, they become less memorable:

They might therefore be less likely to be put to use. Therefore, they should be brief and readable if you want customers to really use your promo codes.

Customers are more likely to forget them or input them incorrectly if this doesn’t happen. This can deter people from buying and have a bad effect on your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at an effective promo code now. Asos, a well-known online retailer, for instance, provides new customers with a 15% off discount code:

Let’s take a look at an effective promo code now. Asos, a well-known online retailer, for instance, provides new customers with a 15% discount code.

Here we can suggest that you can set up to 50% or whatever percentage you wish for by Ultimate Coupons for Woocommerce. This plugin provides this service free for their customers which is payable in another plugin.

For a couple of reasons, using “NEWBIE” in this situation is a great decision. This coupon is simple to use, memorable, and it connects well with the customer. Positive user experience (UX) is made possible by all of these factors.

Furthermore, memorable promo code names are even more important around the holidays. This is because the holidays are a period when most e-commerce businesses invest heavily in marketing, which means your online firm will likely face more competition.

Therefore, using creative and unique code names can help you stand out from the crowd. Customers have increasingly high expectations for their online purchasing experiences, thus this could be crucial to your success.

30 Creative Sale Promo Code Names (Holidays & More)

Let’s go over 30 examples for some of the big holidays now that you’ve learned a little bit about the advantages of using memorable promo code names! You can use these examples as-is or modify them for your online store! 


Despite the fact that some online retailers wait until after Thanksgiving to begin their seasonal sales, we don’t advise it. Why? Due to the fact that Halloween is a great time to be creative with your promo codes. You can use well-known strange figures like witches, vampires, and others to make references to in your offerings.

Halloween promotional code ideas


Extra Idea: You might want to start your store’s loyalty program before Halloween. By doing this, you can attract new clients ahead of other significant holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday. After that, you can entice them to return by offering loyalty discounts in addition to your usual holiday offers. 


Instead of doing everything on Black Friday, some customers prefer to spread out their holiday shopping. Deals for Thanksgiving are crucial because of this. Even while you might want to make these discounts a little less significant than the ones you’ll be providing on Black Friday, you’ll still want to ensure that they’re worthwhile for your clients.

Thanksgiving-themed promo code names to remember


Extra Idea: If you’re unable to commit to Thanksgiving sales this close to Black Friday, think about providing more subdued benefits like free shipping. Free shipping discounts can be made in WooCommerce in a number of different methods.

Black Friday

Our next item is Black Friday. Even though this is arguably the most significant e-commerce holiday of them all, coming up with relevant, memorable, and short discount codes for this significant day can be challenging. You must therefore utilise your creativity in this situation. We advise highlighting the “treat yourself” component of holiday purchasing.

Black Friday promotion code names that are catchy


Extra Idea: BOGO offers might be a terrific way to upsell to your clients on this important e-commerce day. You could convince customers to treat themselves when they shop for the holidays by offering Buy One Get One deals.


Similar to Halloween, the potential for catchy coupon codes is vast when it comes to Christmas. Don’t be afraid to use a play on words or reference a well-known Christmas jingle. The more creative, the better!

Christmas promotion code names that are catchy


Extra Idea: Giving away free things is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer. As a result, you might want to think about using your promo codes in conjunction with a holiday giveaway.


Given that it lasts for eight days, Hanukkah is yet another wonderful occasion for coupons. You could want to use Hanukkah symbols and foods, such as candles, latkes, and chocolate gelt (coins), in this seasonal marketing.

Hanukkah promotional codes with a fun name


Extra Idea: You should always prominently advertise your holiday coupons on your e-commerce website. You might also try advertising them elsewhere, such as on social media.


Competing with other internet businesses throughout the holiday season can be challenging. Fortunately, clever code names for coupons can make your deals stand out from the competition. From this list, we hope you got some ideas and inspiration.

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