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11 black friday and cyber monday promotional marketing strategies for woocommerce stores

11 black friday and cyber monday promotional marketing strategies for woocommerce stores

This black friday and cyber monday promotional marketing strategies are more than ever, your offer will influence how successful your marketing campaigns are due to rising customer acquisition expenses and more competition for online attention.

The good news is that you don’t have to lower your rates or start planning for a successful BFCM months in advance. You may put together and carry out a successful and innovative promotion throughout the Christmas shopping season with the help of this advice and a few days of planning.

10 suggestions for promoting your store’s black friday sales

i. Make it easier by giving gifts this holiday season
ii. With each purchase, provide a gift card
iii. Put together a collection of your products.
iv. Give offers by giving game
v. Separate it into daily deals
vi. Offer an incentive for buying something
vii. Exclusive offers by email
viii. Use timers to count down
ix. Provide shipping for free
x. Make collections for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
xi. Provide a coupon at the register

More than just considering store traffic and profit margins is required to run a successful sale. How inventive your offer is and how you promote it to potential clients will also affect how well you succeed overall.

These Black Friday marketing ideas might serve as inspiration while coming up with a unique sale would require some creativity.

Make it easier by giving gifts this holiday season

Gift-giving to friends, family, and workplace takes place during the Christmas season. And with so many loved ones separated by great distances, e-commerce may help in closing those gaps, whether your customers are looking for methods to surprise friends and family or taking part in a cross-country gift exchange.

Offering gift wrapping services, custom cards, and messages, and the chance to choose a target delivery date for the item’s arrival, together with gift-related upselling and cross-selling, can help with this for both new and existing clients.

Gifting options may be added to your checkout process with the help of a number of Shopify apps, like Super.

With each purchase, provide a gift card

As a reward in a promotion, gift cards can be used in some of the more inventive ways. Customers may receive a free gift card for a future purchase if they buy a specific product or place an order that exceeds a specified threshold. Gift card functionality is available on all Shopify tiers. 

This strategy produces a win-win situation where you either receive a repeat client down the road or a new customer if the gift card is given to a friend or family member because gift cards can only be redeemed when they are actually utilized.

Put together a collection of your products

One of the simplest methods to give customers more value while boosting your store’s average order value is to bundle products. This is an important strategy for maintaining a healthy profit margin for your company.

Depending on your business, you could take this concept a step further by offering a mystery bundle that includes some of your greatest products and is available at a big discount to customers who are ready to purchase everything. Additionally, this will assist you in getting rid of your underperforming goods.

Give offers by giving game

If you haven’t tried gamification—letting customers “play to win” your promotions—BFCM is a fantastic chance to do so. You may increase interaction with your BFCM campaign by implementing gamification in your online store. Gamification can take many different forms, but you can set up and test out a handful of them using Shopify apps.

The software Wheelio makes gathering emails into a fascinating game of chance. Your clients can spin a wheel or participate in a slot machine-style game in the hopes of hitting a huge discount, such as 30% off purchases beyond a certain threshold, a free gift with purchase, etc.

By giving your current consumers a new option to save on their favorite products, the game aims to boost the number of new visitors who opt-in to receive emails and SMS messages from your business.

Separate it into daily deals

One of the most difficult components of an extended BFCM campaign is maintaining enthusiasm and excitement throughout your whole sale time. Creating exclusive one-day offers for particular products may be necessary if you want to successfully engage new customers over a four-, five-, or even seven-day period.

You can take advantage of these limited-time promotions with the help of Daily Deals, which is accessible through the Shopify App Store. To enhance a sense of urgency, you can add countdown bars. You can also establish a single page on your website where all of your active deals will be listed.

If you sell a variety of products, this kind of advertising gives you the chance to concentrate on particular consumer groups. Since you may send a new email every day with new content and a limited-time offer, having a daily (or even nightly) bargain may help increase email open rates.

Offer an incentive for buying something

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday is probably the most socially acceptable time to provide discounts on your products, many companies are still afraid to do so out of concern that they would lose their products’ exclusivity. Offer a gift with purchase as an alternative to reducing prices to capitalise on the holiday rush.

By giving consumers a mystery present if they paid more than a specific amount on their order, Our Place was able to keep its cookware’s upscale appeal. This increased average order value, helped to clear out inventory, and engaged clients who might have been debating a purchase.

In most cases, a “gift” is simply a free, inexpensive item offered with each purchase. A free high-value or limited edition item with a minimum cost is another option you might want to think about, since it might help your present stand out among a sea of competing offers. To generate a sense of urgency and encourage clients to take advantage of the offer before it’s too late, whatever gift or bonus you choose to offer.

A common “gift” is typically a complimentary low item with every purchase. In order to stand out above a sea of competing offers, you could also want to think about including a complimentary, expensive or limited edition item with a minimum purchase.

Exclusive offers by email

People who are already interested in your brand and what you have to offer are on your email list. Send a special BFCM email campaign to only your subscribers to secure a few sales before Black Friday. This specific kind of limited-time promotion encourages client loyalty and offers a direct route to interested customers. 

Your email list can receive an additional discount, or you can give them an extra day or two to take advantage of your offers before they are made available to the general public. It’s a terrific idea to provide exclusive first-look access to instill a sense of urgency and guarantee that devoted consumers are well-cared for.

Use timers to count down

A limited-time event, like a Black Friday sale, benefits greatly from the sense of urgency created by countdown timers. This feeling of urgency might trigger impulse buys and persuade buyers who were on the fence to proceed to the checkout. Hint, a marketer of flavoured water, used a countdown to advertise its Cyber Monday deal. Customers were given a crystal-clear warning: Buy now or lose out on the savings we’re giving you.

Provide shipping for free

For a new consumer, shipping costs can make or break the deal. In fact, a lot of customers anticipate receiving free shipping, especially when their orders exceed a particular amount. 

To encourage customers to shop during your BFCM sales, think about providing free delivery. To encourage customers to add more things to their cart and increase the average order value, you can also provide free delivery on orders over a particular amount.

Make collections for black friday and cyber monday

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers occasionally know exactly what they want to buy and other times they need a little inspiration. You can highlight your greatest discounts, draw clients, and boost sales by assembling related BFCM items. Your collections can be based on related items, a particular subject, or your current gift guides. 

These collections capitalize on the BFCM frenzy and can trigger impulse buys by enticing shoppers to take advantage of time-sensitive deals.

Provide a coupon at the register

Give consumers who complete the checkout process a voucher they can use to gain access to further savings as a reward. This will simultaneously give shoppers who are on the fence the push they need to complete their purchase and give them a small surprise. 

You may tempt new consumers with additional savings and make sure they proceed all the way to checkout by providing coupons that can be applied at checkout. With this method, your deals are regarded to be worth more, which may result in increased conversion rates. 

You may use Ultimate Coupons for Woocommerce. You can customize the setting for email subscriber receives a special code from this that may be entered at checkout to qualify for a free gift. Store owners can quickly put up discounts for particular products, categories, or clients using this plugin. The option to specify minimum purchase requirements, give discount codes expiration dates, and cap the number of times a code may be applied are also included.

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