The best product review plugin for WooCommerce

Order Reviews for WooCommerce

Fully customized feedback & reviews plugin for WooCommerce to handle customer feedback related issues to pump up your business as well as customer satisfaction. Needless to say, This WordPress review plugin not only in influencing the customer’s decision but also bolstering the credibility of a company to a whole new level.

Collect Reviews from Customers

Simplify and automating the process of collecting WooCommerce product reviews from your customers after each completed order.

Easily Customizable Backend

More control and flexibility  allowing them to personalize the way of collecting reviews and feedback from customers

Boost sales to another level

Before buy from a e-commerce platform, customers check reviews of the particular product before buying.

Compatibility and Secure Code

This WooCommerce product review plugin compatible with all themes and offers  clean, optimized, and secure code.

customer order reviews plugin for woocommerce

Ask for feedback after a certain period of time

The timing of the review pop-up can vary as per your set in the wait period. For example, foodies may want to review their food immediately after trying it, while electronics buyers may need more time to use the product before providing a review. This woocommerce product reviews plugin can set the time that the pop-up will appear to customers to best suit your products preferences.

Ask for user review using popup after completed the order

With its user-friendly interface, you can set up the plugin to automatically request for review via popup to customers who have completed a purchase on your website. The plugin also provides a customizable popup for customers to leave their review, including options for rating and comments, Wait period, Frequency, Force write feedback, Force feedback for bad rating, and  many more.

Collect woocommerce user review using popup

Show verified customer feedback and ratings

The plugin allows you to display the reviews on product pages, complete with a "Verified Customer" badge. It also enables you to show related products from the same order to increase sales and improve the customer's shopping experience. Enhance user experience, increase customer trust, and boost sales with our Order Reviews for Woocommerce plugin.

Want to gather valuable customer feedback and improve your sales ?

This Order Order Review Collect plugin for Woocommerce allows you to gather valuable customer feedback by automatically requests via popup to customers who have completed a purchase on your website. And Yes, you can force customers to write feedback. This feature can be enabled in the plugin settings, allowing you to ensure that you receive feedback from all customers who make a purchase on your website.

Yes, you can set a waiting period for customer reviews with our Order Reviews Collect plugin. You can configure the plugin to show review popup  after a specific number of time have passed since the order was completed. This feature can be set in the plugin settings.

Yes, you can view all reviews that have been made for orders using our Order Reviews for Woocommerce plugin. The reviews can be found in the WordPress admin dashboard menu under ORFW > Reviews. This feature allows you to easily keep track of customer feedback and make sure that you are responding to all reviews in a timely manner.