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The marketing plan: Buy One Get One Deal (BOGO) and 50% Off Savings

The marketing plan: Buy One Get One Deal (BOGO) and 50% Off Savings

To enhance your sales, there are numerous strategies you can use. Retailers employ discounts and free coupons as successful short-term tactics to draw in a growing number of customers. Free with the purchase of one is not an exception. We must have a fundamental understanding of BOGO in order to fully comprehend this promotion strategy. There are many different kinds, with a BOGO offer and a 50% off savings being two of the most common choices. The article provides you with all the fundamental information and advice about Buy One Get One Deal free and 50% Discount. Your engagement and conversion way will increase if you pay attention to this blog advice, which will result in significant brand growth.

What is BOGO deal (Buy X Get X Free)

Buy X, Get X (BOGO) promotions are extremely well-liked. They give you a means of encouraging customers to make purchases without taking a large financial risk. BOGO promotions, sometimes known as 2-for-1 offers, describe a pricing strategy in which clients receive a second product for the price of only one.

While the customer enjoys receiving something for free or at a reduced cost, you can still make money from the overall volume of sales. Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you run an online clothing shop. You may run a “Buy 2 Shirts, Get One for Half Price” promotion.

It can appear to the customer in this case that they are obtaining a shirt at half (50%) of the normal price. It actually ends up being a lower overall reduction, closer to 17%, as customers must buy two at the usual retail price.

Additionally, research has indicated that consumers occasionally have a stronger preference for BOGO offers. Perhaps the idea of receiving something for nothing is to blame for this.

BOGO offers can be used in a variety of ways. The phrases “Buy X of Product” and “Get X of Product” can be used with single products. They can be utilized with collections of goods. For instance, you may purchase any item from category X and receive X amount of any item.

What is 50% Off Savings

A 50% off discount is what you provide your customers when you want to sell them a product for half price. This kind of offer doesn’t demand that customers pay the full amount for an item in order to receive or utilize the coupon, unlike a BOGO promotion. It’s a percentage-based savings that merely reduces the list price to zero:

This deal has the potential to be quite alluring for customers. Any kind of discount or promotion has the power to draw interest. On the other hand, purchasing something for half off is thought to be quite a deal.

A 50% off offer can be applied in a variety of ways to draw clients and boost sales. For instance, you might offer a half-off coupon as a prize to users who register or sign up for your website, reach a predetermined minimum cart subtotal, or buy items from a particular category. Additionally, they can be utilized for in-store promotions.

It’s crucial to take delivery costs into account when applying percentage-based discounts. For instance, many business owners would provide free shipping for purchases that exceed a specific threshold. Even if a customer receives a 50% discount on an item and the price drops below the threshold for free shipping, they will still be responsible for the difference. If it’s a significant sum, they might not think it’s worthwhile. 

When To Use Each Depending On: BOGO vs. 50% Off Savings

How to price your products and choose which promotions to run are two of the most crucial decisions you can make as a store owner. The better, the more possibilities you have.

You may quickly create any kind of coupon, discount, or promotion using our Ultimate Coupons for Woocommerce:

This includes BOGO offers, 50% off, and other percentage-based savings. To make sure you’re maximizing profits, you can also customize the terms, conditions, and restrictions.

Having said that, you still need to choose the kind of deal to present after your WooCommerce discount solution is set up. In this section, we’ll look at some crucial factors.

When to use a BOGO promotion

When you’re clearing out your inventory and want to get rid of extra things, BOGO offers can be great. This may be the case if you have seasonal commodities, goods that are running low on supply or manufacture, or goods that you buy in large quantities.

Taxes are an additional factor. Promotions like BOGO can help you sell off merchandise before tax time. These deals are often insured by the suppliers, as opposed to a 50% discount sale that can be written off as a loss.

Additionally, it’s critical to take into account your specialization, target market, and demand over time. Would buyers find it possible to have two of the same item?

For instance, many customers purchasing frequently used household cleaning supplies would probably value the two-for-one offer. On the other hand, when homeowners buy a refrigerator, that might not be the case.

When you don’t want to change how people view an item’s value, using a BOGO offer might also be helpful. When anything is offered at half off, it may appear that its worth has decreased. However, since BOGO is still being offered at its original price, it retains its worth.

 A BOGO deal is most advantageous to employ when:

i. The inventory needs to be cleared away.
ii. You offer things that are seasonal.
iii. You market units or large quantities of goods.

You should think carefully about adding certain restrictions to these reductions in order to boost your revenues. As an illustration, as part of a loyalty program, you can use it as an incentive for repeat consumers.

When to use a 50% Off Savings

When you want a flexible offer and to draw in as many clients as possible, a percentage-off deal may be your best bet. When you’re not concerned about moving a certain product or category of products or getting rid of your inventory, it can be a great option.

Although a 50% off price can aid in product movement, BOGO offers, which move one item at a time, are typically more effective. Clearing out your goods may take longer than you had hoped.

It is also important to take product demand into account. A BOGO promotion is unlikely to be successful if some of your store’s merchandise isn’t doing well. Similarly, many customers would probably prefer and respond to an offer for 50% off the retail price of one product if having two of the same item would be of little practical benefit to them.

It’s better to apply a savings of 50% when you:

i. Want straightforward, adaptable advertising that is simple to use.
ii. Are offering deals on less expensive goods
iii. To use it in all of your stores

Knowing your profit margins is essential, and the half-off discount should only be applied to things that would otherwise go to trash. You can use gamification techniques to offer the discount as an incentive, just like with BOGO offers. You may limit its use, for instance, to clients who sign up for your rewards program.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that a BOGO offer and a 50% savings can both help you turn a profit and please your clients. You could earn the same amount of money, but the outcomes and long-term implications might be different.
The ideal choice ultimately depends on a few crucial elements, such as your niche, target market, and demand. BOGO offers are definitely excellent if your objective is to move product and clear stock. A 50% off deal makes sense if you’re looking for a flexible, straightforward campaign to apply throughout your website.
Our plugin may make it quick and simple to build and use BOGO or 50% off savings on your website. To get started, register for Ultimate Coupons For WooCommerce Premium right away!

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