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Ultimate Coupons Vs Advanced Coupons- Which to Pick in 2023?

Ultimate Coupons Vs Advanced Coupons

Ultimate Coupons Vs Advanced Coupons- Which to Pick in 2023?

With the world of digital media and technology evolving rapidly, it is important now more than ever to stay informed about the best options for saving money. If you are looking for ways to save in 2023, then you may be wondering whether Ultimate Coupons or Advanced Coupons is the better choice. In this article, we will compare both of these options in detail and help you decide which one to pick.

Ultimate Coupons for WooCommerce

Ultimate coupons vs Advanced coupons

Ultimate Coupons for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows online store owners to easily create, distribute and manage coupon codes. It provides a quick, simple way to generate coupons that can be used in both physical stores and online shops.
Ultimate Coupons for WooCommerce offers merchants a range of features, including the ability to customize the look of their coupons, set specific conditions on when they can be used (such as limited time frames or per customer), view real-time reports on how many times each coupon has been used and more. The plugin also integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe so users can easily redeem their coupons.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that provides enhanced coupon functionality for your online store. The plugin offers a wide range of features to help store owners create, manage, and use coupons more effectively.

Ultimate Coupons Vs Advanced Coupons- Differences in Features

When shopping online, it is important to determine the best coupon platform for your needs. Two of the most popular platforms are Ultimate Coupons and Advanced Coupons. Both offer great deals, but there are key differences in features. Here we will discuss those differences.

Maximum Discount

This is the feature that allows its users to offer a maximum discount to their customers. Ultimate Coupons can boast of this feature while Advanced Coupons lacks this temperament.

Play To Win Coupon

This feature makes it possible for your visitors to win coupons simply by playing the game of lucky wheels. Advanced Coupons doesn’t have this feature while Ultimate Coupons has grabbed this feature into its bag.

Coupon Scheduling

This is the feature that allows you to set a specific date and time when you want your customers only can apply the coupon. Ultimate Coupons has this feature in place while Advanced Coupons doesn’t have.

Loyalty Program

The main downside to using Ultimate Coupons is that it does not have a loyalty program built in, meaning customers will not receive any rewards if they refer others to use their services. While Advanced Coupons belongs to this feature.

Ultimate Coupons Vs Advanced Coupons- Similarities in Features

WooCommerce integration

This feature is available in both solutions. It is built on WooCommerce’s basic coupon functionality. So, if you look forward to enjoying WooCommerce integration, then you can drink the juice of this feature from either of the solutions, Ultimate Coupons or Advanced Coupons. The choice is absolutely yours.

BOGO deal

BOGO deal stands for the “Buy One Get One” deal. This is an amazing feature almost every online store owner wants to make his/her site more appealing to the audience. More fortunately, both coupon solution plugins offer this feature.

Referral system

The referral system refers to a program where existing customers can refer new customers and receive a reward for doing so. The program incentivizes existing customers to promote the company’s products or services to their friends, family, and social networks.

Under the referral system, customers receive a unique referral link or code that they can share with others. When someone uses the link or code to make a purchase, the original customer earns a reward, such as a discount or credit. Fortunately, both plugins can boast of this feature.

Flexible pricing

Ultimate Coupons Pricing

The pricing of these Coupon Plugins can be adjusted to meet the needs and budgets of different customers. The company can offer different pricing options based on factors such as volume, duration, or specific features.

Advanced Coupons Pricing

Coupon cart conditions

This feature refers to the set of rules or conditions that must be met in order for a coupon code to be applied to a customer’s cart during checkout. These conditions can be based on various factors, such as the total value of the cart, the products included in the cart, or the customer’s location.

With this feature, the company can offer targeted discounts to customers based on their shopping behavior or preferences. For example, a coupon code can be applied only to customers who are buying specific products or who have a minimum cart value.

The “Coupon Cart Conditions” feature provides greater control over the use of coupon codes, allowing the company to optimize its promotions and increase sales. More luckily, both plugins have this blazing-fast feature.


The “Restrictions” feature in both Ultimate Coupons & Advanced Coupons refers to the ability to limit the use of coupon codes based on specific conditions. This feature allows companies to create custom rules for when and how coupon codes can be applied during checkout.

For example, a company can set restrictions that limit the use of a coupon code to specific products, customer groups, or shipping methods. This helps the company to target specific groups of customers and optimize the use of coupon codes for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

End Lines

In conclusion, Ultimate Coupons and Advanced Coupons are both reliable sources for making your WooCommerce store reliable. Ultimately, the choice of which to use depends on the individual’s preferences and budget. Ultimate Coupons offers a wide variety of coupons and deals that are easy to find and use. Advanced Coupons is perfect for more experienced shoppers who want detailed information about their purchases before they commit. Both services provide an excellent way for customers to save money on their purchases. But considering pricing point and customer support, you can take your bet on Ultimate Coupons.

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