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BigCommerce – Ecommerce of a new Era

BigCommerce – Ecommerce of a new Era

BigCommerce is another very popular solution in e-commerce software. It provides your expectations for a high-quality e-commerce platform and is provided in an easy-to-use manner. The way you start taking risks Bigcommerce is very similar to getting started with Shopify. All you need to do is at, through the setup wizard (where you can indicate the products you want to sell and the appearance of the store), you will have the store immediately.

BigCommerce allows you to sell any type of product, and you can even configure many different parameters that describe these products. There are also many options to choose from in terms of theme and store design-especially if you want to save some money and use free designs-these are really beautiful! Many people think that Bigcommerce’s templates are the best in the industry. They look modern and professionally designed.

The overall pricing is similar to Shopify, but you don’t have any monthly plan for $ 9. Most functions are already built-in. For example, the marketing tool is at BigCommerce.


Here are some features you get BigCommerce:

  • Unlimited products, orders, file storage and bandwidth
  • 24/7 support via live chat
  • Level 1 PCI compatibility and multi-layer security and DDOS protection
  • Includes SSL certificate
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Visual builder for your online store website
  • Migration tool for importing store data from other systems
  • Process payments from PayPal / Braintree, Stripe, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, etc.
  • Inventory management
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Tools sold on Facebook, Pinterest, eBay and Amazon
  • Developer API
  • Integration with product comparison sites
  • Email marketing module


The BigCommerce feature of hundreds of companies that create, maintain, and provide the Internet of Things (IoT) global open standard. Everything starts with website builders because it allows beautiful, responsive design without understanding web design. Add and manage products without problems, and accept payments through various options.

For most suppliers, custom shipping is essential, and BigCommerce has all of them. The flexible tax system and direct download function ensure that you do not have to change your business model just because of your e-commerce system.

Please note: According to our reader BigCommerce, there has been no response to feature requests, which makes it difficult for many customers to justify their costs. For example, many features are built primarily for US customers, which makes the features used elsewhere in the world not entirely useful. In addition, customers complained that they repeatedly asked for useful features in the forum, but never implemented them (such as the ability to customize order status).

In addition to the update issue, we can talk about some benefits. From smart product rules to downloadable sales, email marketing tools to advanced search engine optimization, BigCommerce does have some great features. Now, the question is, are these features sold at reasonable prices, and are they all great in action?

Design and themes

If you go to BigCommerce Theme Store, you can learn if you want to work on BigCommerce. Overall, this is a very good shop, offering free and paid options for different budgets. BigCommerce provides a large number of impressive response templates that you can rely on to take full advantage of the online store’s design. There are 12 free themes to choose from, they are all clean and modern, so this is a good start.

In addition, there are more than 100 paid themes, with prices ranging between $ 145 and $ 235, depending on your needs. Most themes also have different variations so that you can adjust them to your liking. Free themes are the coolest themes I have seen in a while, and it is not very difficult to customize themes or let them do as you wish. Most paid themes are responsive, stylish and easy to use. However, there are some unique BigCommerce that you may not find elsewhere. We think this is because most themes come from a company called Pixel Union. Not that they are bad designers, but hope to see the unique ideas of other developers.

However, if you want, you can personalize it at any time. You just need to click to enter the online store theme and play the game. You can use almost any theme to sell almost any type of product or service, with a little adjustment. Just click the “Style Editor” function, and then use the default color and other content to reflect your brand or adjust the font. You can also enable mobile themes, modify the main carousel or add a logo. If you have some developer background, you can also use CSS and raw HTML to update your theme.


In the past, we thought that the BigCommerce checkout module looked a bit outdated and difficult to modify. Recently, the situation has changed, BigCommerce can now access its Checkout SDK, or it can access a library with JavaScript elements for checkout. Merchants can now customize each part of their checkout, from the background image to the number of steps the customer needs to move through the process.


  • Standard Plan – for each month of $ 29.95 you get unlimited products, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, credit cards and PayPal accepted, and without having to pay transaction fees! With the standard package, you must earn less than $ 500,000 a year, so it only applies to small e-commerce sites. The BigCommerce standard plan also lacks some advanced features, such as subdivision and abandoned shopping cart recovery.
  • Plus, plans – for US $ 79.95 per month you will get all the standard functions of planning, transaction cost free, real-time carrier transportation, outstanding payment service provider, to save those who abandoned shopping carts, advanced customer segmentation and hosted on your own domain Checkout. The BigCommerce add this program is suitable for medium-sized online store produce up to $ 150k per year. Choosing this plan will allow you to access some more advanced features. “Abandoned Cart Saver” is also provided here, allowing you to contact users who have not completed the purchase.
  • Pro Plan – for US $ 299.95 per month you will get all the Plus plan features free transaction costs, Google customer reviews, product filtration and available dedicated SSL. Warning: The plan starts at $ 299.95 / month with online sales of less than $ 4 million. After that, they need at least $ 150 /mo for every additional $ 2 million in sales. In short, if your income exceeds $ 4 million, they will help you. The BigCommerce Professional Edition plan also comes with faceted search, allowing online shoppers to filter and sort products. This plan will also enable store owners to install third-party SSL certificates.
  • Enterprise plans – this requires you to contact BigCommerce for custom pricing, but you can expect all its Plus plan features, as well as dedicated SSL and IP addresses, settings and data migration, priority support, product filtering, advanced reporting tools, Google Trust Shops, etc. As many of our users pointed out, BigCommerce is pushing for more successful customers in accordance with this plan. Therefore, if your annual income exceeds $ 125,000 (or more than 3,000 orders per year), you may end up charging between $ 900 and $ 1,500 per month.


Overall, BigCommerce is suitable for anyone who does not need an enterprise-level system. That’s not to say that the BigCommerce corporate plan is not worth it, but I think there are more powerful options there. I am hesitant to recommend BigCommerce to a larger company, because you can get the tools you need Shopify or even Magento. As a startup, Volusia giving up is a difficult deal.

BigCommerce works well for small companies, but you need to make a decision based on the scale of future expansion plans. Because if you give up a certain amount of sales, you may end up paying a lot of money.

BigCommerce advantages

  • Excellent management tools, including order management, product management, reporting, analysis and all other tools you can think of. BigCommerce is very suitable for daily store management.
  • A marketing module with AdWords integration, coupons and other functions. Alternatively, you can use email marketing tools (for example, Mailchimp
  • BigCommerce is quite affordable when you consider the number of amazing features it provides and the fact that the number of customers or products you can serve is not limited.
  • 24/7 support: Customer support from BigCommerce is great. You can even get help with basic knowledge of SEO and marketing.
  • Available applications: Integrate the store with your most commonly used platforms, including QuickBooks, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Use the currency that suits you-including multiple currencies at different times.
  • No transaction fees: Even if you are using a third-party payment gateway, BigCommerce does not charge any transaction fees.
  • The tool for saving the details of abandoned shopping carts is perfect for returning your customers to your store when they are most needed.
  • You can get an employee account for any plan as needed.
  • Provides built-in marketing tools-including the option to access the built-in blog without integrating WordPress, etc.
  • The product can be tried free for 14 days.

BigCommerce Disadvantages 

  • If you want to customize the store, the theme can become very expensive-especially if you want to get something from the advanced options.
  • It is difficult to adjust all aspects of the homepage, including text content.
  • The home carousel needs some trial and error to make it look great.
  • Design adjustment functions do not always work the way you want.
  • You need to pay quite a lot of access rights to access content such as abandoned shopping cart features.
  • You can limit the annual online sales. If this limit is exceeded, you will be forced to pay for more expensive plans
  • Themes can be very similar in the free part.
  • It is not easy for people selling digital products to manage VAT MOSS rates.
  • It can be challenging to find the required direct sales app in the app store

How to prove it

You can try BigCommerce by subscribing to the 30-day free trial at the link:

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